Hello, my name is Judy.

Version 3I want to help you flourish

I am a talented facilitator, trained to get to the heart of the matter while keeping your team productive. I love doing equity work, helping people understand the systems in our society that hinder some groups while assisting others in unseen ways. My preferred engagements involve working with white folks within a larger racial equity framework that centers the voices and experiences of people of color. While equity work feeds my soul, I am just as excited to facilitate other types of conversations: meetings of any type; board or team retreats; conflict resolution; negotiations that require an outside, impartial entity; and more. Let’s work together.

My experience

While references and a resume are available on request, I have an extensive background in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. I have worked on both sides of the non-profit divide: as an employee and as a board member, and these experiences inform my understanding of the purpose and the purview of each. With a clear idea of what it means to create a strategic plan, craft a mission statement, and how to make sure programming and other functions are on-mission, I am able to help your non-profit thrive. In addition, my years of experience in the for-profit world also means that I am no stranger to the needs of corporations, and I am ready to assist your growth.

I have been a member of Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites (CARW) since 2012, and I serve on its education team as a facilitator. In 2016 I joined the leadership team of the Non-Profit Anti-Racism Coalition (NPARC), which also requires facilitation of monthly community meetings.

See more information about my experience at my LinkedIn profile.

My perspective

As a white woman who immigrated to the United States as a child, I have a unique perspective on the systems of oppression at work in our culture. My immigrant experience gives me some critical distance when examining tough topics, but it also lends empathy to those who have struggled and continue to struggle. This blend of compassion and analysis informs my work as a facilitator and the way I interact with people every day.

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