“I so appreciate Judy’s calm, thoughtful, and insightful answers to my questions. During our session she took time to listen carefully. She guided me toward better use of language, as well as a deeper understanding of the issues that undermine racial equity in the workplace, and in society at large. I walked away with plenty to think about, and a desire to keep learning. I will definitely call on her again!” — Alicia Dara, voice & public speaking coach, coaching client

“Among her many strengths as a facilitator, Judy creates a safe space for participants to step outside their comfort zones, a key component in creating a healthy community focused on growth.” — Andy Smallman, co-founder, Puget Sound Community School, facilitation client

“[Judy] was a great, caring, wise, and real presence… I felt I could relax and trust the group with [her] in charge.”

“Life changing”

“The group has already had a significant impact on my understanding and behavior.”

— Various participants in Phinney Neighborhood Association Breaking White Silence Book Group