“[Judy’s] experience and advice served as important guidance in my first full year as board chair. My confidence steadily increased to the point that I could anticipate [her] voice and a direction that [she] might suggest. I also want to acknowledge the expertise that [she] provided in helping me select and present a year-long series of DEI topics at our board meetings which furthered the work that we had started at our 2018 annual retreat.” — Amy Theobald, board president, Green Plate Special, mentoring client

“I so appreciate Judy’s calm, thoughtful, and insightful answers to my questions. During our session she took time to listen carefully. She guided me toward better use of language, as well as a deeper understanding of the issues that undermine racial equity in the workplace, and in society at large. I walked away with plenty to think about, and a desire to keep learning. I will definitely call on her again!” — Alicia Dara, voice & public speaking coach, coaching client

“Among her many strengths as a facilitator, Judy creates a safe space for participants to step outside their comfort zones, a key component in creating a healthy community focused on growth.” — Andy Smallman, co-founder, Puget Sound Community School, facilitation client

“[Judy] was a great, caring, wise, and real presence… I felt I could relax and trust the group with [her] in charge.”

“Life changing”

“The group has already had a significant impact on my understanding and behavior.”

— Various participants in Phinney Neighborhood Association Breaking White Silence Book Group