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Services for Individuals

Anti-Racism Coaching

I am available for one on one coaching sessions tailored to white folks who are looking to strengthen their analysis of racial oppression in the workplace or in their personal lives. Especially helpful for executives or upper-level managers who need to understand how their leadership affects their teams, these sessions provide in-depth, personalized coaching and concrete follow-up activities that lead to positive results.


  • Short term or single sessions: $100/hr for self-employed or non-corporate clients; $150/hr for corporate clients (both non- and for-profit organizations).
  • Longer term packages will be quoted a project-based fee that reflects the best value for everyone involved.

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Nonprofit Board Member Mentoring

Being a board member for a nonprofit is a big responsibility, and if you’re new to the nonprofit world it can be hard to understand how all the parts should work together. My experience as a board member, board president, nonprofit employee, donor, and volunteer can help inform how you deal with conflict, strategic planning, the board/operations divide, and more. By using individual sessions that allow you to focus on the issue at hand, this mentoring program will help you realize your potential along with getting the education you need to be effective.


  • Short term or single sessions: $100/hr for self-pay clients; $150/hr for sponsored clients (those able to get funding from their organization).
  • Longer term packages will be quoted a project-based fee that reflects the best value for everyone involved.

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Services for Predominantly White Groups


Affinity caucusing (meetings of people who share an identity, whether it be race, class, gender, or something else) is a useful tool in the arsenal of equity work. One-off caucuses can help folks produce all kinds of helpful insights: ideas to improve work flows, internal issues that need to be addressed, common experiences for that affinity group that they want to share with the larger team, etc. Ongoing affinity caucusing is helpful for organizations looking to further their own internal equity work, since the conversation continues the next time the caucus meets. Nothing feels better than talking to people who understand your experiences, and allowing individuals to have that space encourages open communication with the rest of the team. I have extensive experience facilitating caucuses, and I specialize in working with white folks around racial issues. I’m ready to help your difficult conversations become productive. For more information, take a look at a list of my articles on race-based caucusing here.

Rates: Project-based pricing dependent upon the number and length of sessions. For instance, organizations asking for monthly 90-minute sessions over the course of a year can expect to pay around $10,000 for facilitation of both people of color and white people. My separate partnership, Anti Racism At Work LLC, will field requests for POC caucusing.

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Anti-racism Colloquies

Much like affinity caucusing, a colloquy is a chance for people to get together and talk about a particular subject, in this case anti-racism work. This service is an opportunity for white folks in particular to learn about and understand the systems of oppression we all live within and move forward into a place of accountable action. Because anti-racism work involves a lifetime of learning, colloquies are intended to be ongoing rather than single instances. Note: A colloquy does not take the place of therapy, and I am not a licensed therapist.

Rates: Project-based pricing depending on the number and length of sessions as well as the complexity of your needs.

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Services for Muti-Racial Groups

Depending on your needs, facilitation of multi-racial groups may be quoted out by my partnership with Reagen Price, Anti Racism At Work LLC. I can advise you whether that would be the better fit when we talk in your free 30-minute phone consultation.

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Full Service Diversity & Inclusion Assessment and Consulting

I am a proud member of the team at Diverse City LLC. If you are in need of long-term sustainable equity policies and practices tailored to your workplace, look no further than Diverse City LLC.

References available upon request. Rates on this website are subject to change without notice. I donate 15% of my fees for anti-racism work directly to people of color or to social justice organizations run by people of color. Please go to the Contact page to get in touch with me or schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation and start the conversation you need to have.