Anti-racism Colloquies

Much like affinity caucusing (see below), a colloquy is a chance for people to get together and talk about a particular subject, in this case anti-racism work. The colloquies I offer are in the form of either one on one conversations with me or small group discussions. This service is an opportunity for white folks in particular to learn about and understand the systems of oppression we all live within and move forward into a place of accountable action. Because anti-racism work involves a lifetime of learning, colloquies are intended to be ongoing rather than single instances. Note: A colloquy does not take the place of therapy, and I am not a licensed therapist.



Affinity caucusing (meetings of people who share an identity, whether it be race, class, gender, or something else) is a useful tool in the arsenal of equity work. One-off caucuses can help folks produce all kinds of helpful insights: ideas to improve work flows, internal issues that need to be addressed, common experiences for that affinity group that they want to share with the larger team, etc. Ongoing affinity caucusing is helpful for organizations looking to further their own internal equity work, since the conversation continues the next time the caucus meets. Nothing feels better than talking to people who understand your experiences, and allowing individuals to have that space encourages open communication with the rest of the team. I have extensive experience facilitating caucuses, but I specialize in working with white folks around racial issues. I’m ready to help your difficult conversations become productive. More information on race-based caucusing is available here.


Your discussions, meetings, and retreats need a facilitator. Often that facilitator is a person within your organization who chairs the event, but there are many benefits to hiring an outside facilitator. As an external resource I am impartial, allowing all voices to be heard. I will run your event with humor and flexibility, but I will make sure your group touches on every critical point on your agenda. My facilitation will allow you to be focussed on the conversations while I keep an eye on the end goal. Let me help you get where you need to go.

Full Service Diversity & Inclusion Assessment and Consulting

I am a proud member of the team at Diverse City LLC. If you are in need of long-term sustainable equity policies and practices tailored to your workplace, look no further than Diverse City LLC.


References available upon request; rates are negotiable. I donate 15% of my fees for anti-racism work to social justice organizations run by people of color. Please go to the Contact page to get in touch with me and start the conversation you need to have.