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Leading for Inclusion

I offer coaching for white leadership as part of my services because I believe that real change can only happen when executive staff is on the same path to inclusion and equity as the rest of the staff. Some of the things I coach leadership in are soft skills, things that I’ve written about in […]

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Shifting Focus

In order to practice antiracism, we have to continually shift our focus from the micro to the macro and back again through four levels of racial oppression: internalized, interpersonal, institutional, and systemic. As a race-based caucus facilitator and one-on-one antiracism coach, I am constantly thinking about those different levels and how to guide people to […]


Is coaching right for you?

Race-based caucusing is an incredibly helpful tool, but it can be a tricky space for leadership to navigate. Having executive staff in the room while other employees discuss issues they experience in their workplace can lead to a reluctance to speak frankly. For this reason, I believe one on one antiracism coaching for upper-level management […]