Segregated Spaces

People are often suspicious of racially-segregated space, with good reason. White folks don’t have a good history with regards to segregation, and many people believe no good can come from white people meeting together to discuss racism. An often-posed question about race-based caucusing is, “Doesn’t segregating by race make things worse?” The short answer: It … Continue reading Segregated Spaces


I was facilitating a caucus the other day, and the topic of discussion was apologizing: the pieces that need to be in place for us to make a sincere apology and how we can quell our natural instinct to defensiveness. About half way through the session, one of the participants turned to me and said, … Continue reading Underpinnings

Shifting Focus

In order to practice anti-racism, we have to continually shift our focus from the micro to the macro and back again through four levels of racial oppression: internalized, interpersonal, institutional, and systemic. As a race-based caucus facilitator and one-on-one anti-racism coach, I am constantly thinking about those different levels and how to guide people to … Continue reading Shifting Focus

Do we need help?

This article is part of a series about race-based caucusing. If you’re new to the idea, please take a look at Internal Race-Based Caucusing: Why do it? and Race-Based Caucusing Part 2: Risky Business. How do you know when it’s time to hire outside help for your caucus sessions? My answer to this question is … Continue reading Do we need help?

Race-Based Caucusing Part 2: Risky Business

What benefits does race-based caucusing provide to an organization? What risks is an organization taking when it decides to pursue caucusing? In a previous article I outlined some basic information about race-based caucusing and a few best practices. Today I want to talk about the risks and benefits of this particular tool. Caucusing can feel … Continue reading Race-Based Caucusing Part 2: Risky Business

Internal Race-Based Caucusing: Why do it?

Racial equity is work. Individuals can’t do it without building community inside and outside of their organization. Race-based caucuses or affinity groups, in the context of a larger racial equity framework, constitute a vital way of fostering those connections. Caucusing provides a circle of accountability and an enclosed space that encourages risks and authenticity. Ideally, … Continue reading Internal Race-Based Caucusing: Why do it?